Java concurrency refcard!


Today Dzone published my Java concurrency refcard! Hopefully people will find it useful. I really focused on getting the most useful content for those new or just learning about Java concurrency and tried not to get into anything too advanced.

Thanks to many folks are in order:

  • All my followers on Twitter, who helped give me ideas and fill in the gaps!
  • My colleagues at Terracotta who read early versions and told me what was missing.
  • In particular, the Terracotta tech writer Igal Levy was nice enough to read it and attempt to correct my turgid prose.
  • And finally, Ryan Little, the Dzone refcard designer, worked tirelessly to get corrections and updates into the refcard with true professionalism. He was a pleasure to work with.

If you’re interested in some other concurrency writing and presentations I’ve done, check these out:


2 Responses to “Java concurrency refcard!”
  1. Ruben says:


    That refcard of yours is truly awesome. One question:

    In the example of the “Thread Coordination” section, the boolean instance member flag does not need to be volatile, does it? AFAIK, the update in change() is gonna be flushed to main memory and picked up by any subsequent invocation to waitTillChange() because they are properly synchronized by the monitor associated to lock.


  2. Alex says:

    Thanks Ruben. You are correct although this is something that should clearly be documented and creates a constraint on any other code that is updating the flag as well.