I started off the morning at a pair of Java modularity talks by Mark Reinhold on Jigsaw and from Alex Buckley on JSR 294. Mark’s talk was apparently a dup of the technical general session yesterday but I missed that so that was actually good for me. Project Jigsaw aims to provide a module system […]

This talk was by … me! Went fast for me but I hope people enjoyed it. If you want the slides, here they are. Java Concurrency Gotchas View more presentations from Alex Miller. [ derph generic tablet viagra | generic cialis next day shipping | female herbal viagra | viagra soft from canadian pharmacy | […]

For my last serious BOF of the night, I went to the Collections Connection with Josh Bloch, Martin Bucholz, and Kevin Bourillion. The under-stated goal of said BOF was to “Achieve world domination with the Java Collections Framework”. I believe they got 42.9% of the way there. In all, it was an extremely useful roundup […]

I clearly remember talking to Michael Nygard last year after he saw a JSR 308 talk where he proclaimed that the Javapocalypse was near. The concern was that this JSR gave you the ability to annotate many more things and create much robust type systems, although in doing so you would so thoroughly annotate your […]

Joe Darcy has been running Project Coin to collect, sift through, and implement small languages changes for Java. This talk walks through some of the proposals that have been selected for consideration. At this point there are a dozen or so in play but only about half of those will actually be added for Java […]

Neal Gafter and Josh Bloch are back for another edition of Java Puzzlers, even more puzzling than before. As always, a good show. I’ll warn you that if you hope to watch or listen to this talk later on, I’ll be spoiling all the fun here. :) Puzzler 1 – I didn’t catch the name […]

The script bowl is a panel session to show off different scripting languages on the JVM (although I think I would object a bit to calling most of these “scripting” languages). The participants were: Jython – Frank Wierzbicki Groovy – Guillaume Laforge Clojure – Rich Hickey Scala – Dick Wall JRuby – Tom Enebo The […]

Last year I completely skipped all the general sessions at JavaOne as they seemed like a big yawn. This year I figured I’d hit one or two and see if there was any interesting news related to the Oracle acquisition. When I walked in they had the house lights going and the big screens and […]

Every year (can’t believe this is the 3rd year now) I have done a list of Java 7 talks at JavaOne and here’s my list for 2009: Talk Speaker Relates to The Java™ Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE Platform) Development Kit Version 7 Mark Reinhold all Small Language Changes in JDK™ Release 7 Joe Darcy […]

Start your engines kids – the JavaOne 2009 call for papers is open… Interesting new focus areas this year: Rich Media Applications and Interactive Content Mobility Services Core Technologies And here’s some good advice from previous years to keep in mind: Tor Norbye Casey Cameron Last year was my first time both attending and speaking […]

Looks like the JavaOne team now has most of the audio up from the JavaOne 2008 conference, including my talk Design Patterns Reconsidered. So, if you’re interested in checking it out: Watch (audio/slides) PDF MP3 I believe you do need to have a Sun Developer Network login. I’m still working up the nerve to listen […]

Hey, I’m still recovering from JavaOne – had a great time (no virus for me). :) I know a lot of people were taking pictures during my talk and other talks. Does anyone out there have pictures of me? If so, I’d love to see them. You can drop me a line at “contact” at […]

This talk was by Gil Tene and Michael Wolf from Azul. Azul has their own concurrent garbage collector although this talk focused mostly on the ideas and concepts of concurrent collectors in general and didn’t really dive into their own collector in detail (my only real disappointment in an otherwise fascinating talk). Concurrent garbage collectors […]

Cliff has been working for a while on developing highly concurrent data structures for use on the Azul hardware which supports 700+ hardware threads. We’re going through the transition right now from 1 to small numbers of cores. Cliff is trying to address the next order of magnitude. A non-blocking algorithm means that stopping any […]

The Sun Hotspot guys have been working on a new garbage collector to replace CMS called G1. This presentation went over the differences between the old CMS and the new G1 collectors and also included some perspective from a guy at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange who has been beta testing it. CMS divides […]