Java 7 at JavaOne 2008

Below are a list of the Java One 2008 conference sessions and BOFs that relate to Java 7.

Java SE Track

Session ID Name Presenter Area
TS-6271 Java™ Platform, Standard Edition: A Youthful Maturity Danny Coward General
TS-5581 Upcoming Java™ Programming-Language Changes Alex Buckley, Michael Ernst, Neal Gafter General
TS-5515 Let’s Resync: What’s New for Concurrency on the Java™ Platform, Standard Brian Goetz JSR 166
BOF-5031 Upcoming Java™ Programming Language Features Alex Buckley, Jonathan Gibbons General
TS-5579 Closures Cookbook Neal Gafter Closures
TS-6185 Modularity in Java™ Platform Alex Buckley, Stanley Ho JSR 294, JSR 277
TS-5199 Java™ Management Extensions (JMX™) Technology Update Jean-François Denise, Eamonn McManus JSR 255, JSR 262
BOF-6180 Class Loader Rearchitected Iris Clark, Karen Kinnear JSR 277
BOF-5032 Modularity in the Java™ Platform: Demos and Q&A Dave Bristor, Alex Buckley, Mandy Chung JSR 277
TS-5686 New I/O APIs for the Java™ Platform Alan Bateman JSR 203
TS-5419 The Garbage-First Garbage Collector Paul Ciciora, Antonios Printezis JVM
TS-6578 It’s High Time: A New Date and Time API for the Java™ Platform Stephen Colebourne, Michael Santos JVM

Desktop Track

Session ID Name Presenter Area
TS-6605 Deep Inside JSR 296, the Swing Application Framework Hans Muller, Tomas Pavek JSR 296
TS-6657 Beans Binding: Good for the Heart Shannon Hickey, Jan Stola JSR 295

Hands-on Labs

Session ID Name Presenter Area
LAB-9400 Exposing the Depth of Your JDK™ Release 7.0 Applications with Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) Angelo Rajadurai, Raghavan Srinivas debugging

Java EE Track

Session ID Name Presenter Area
TS-5616 JSR 303: From a World of Constraints to Constrain the World Emmanuel Bernard JSR 303

Rich Media and Content

Session ID Name Presenter Area
BOF-6511 The Java™ Media Components API BOF Brian Burkhalter, Tony Wyant JMC